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“Strip fitness and nutrition away from the gimmicks and fads and achieve the results you are looking for.” -Janette Janero Fitness Professional and Founder of Naked Formula

What is the Naked Formula?

 The Naked Formula was developed to help individuals reach their health goals by promoting balance in all essential life areas.

Strip your lifestyle and make room for total wellness. We make it simple by offering convenient services including in-home personal training and meal delivery services.

Naked Formula  will strip your lifestyle and create individualized fitness training and health coaching programs to help you meet your goals. Enjoy the luxury of fitness training in the privacy of your own home or condominium’s gym. Let us cater to your nutritional needs with healthy meals prepared just for you and delivered to your door. Create life-long change with health coaching over the phone, a service that consults you on what steps you can take to meet your goals and keeps you accountable along the way.

We only work with highly educated fitness professionals and follow the latest scientific research and fitness guidelines.

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