“Strip fitness and nutrition away from the gimmicks and fads and achieve the results you are looking for.” – Janette Janero


Featured Online Package:


These workouts can be performed in less than 15 minutes and are designed to be completed throughout a 5 week period. This is what you need to get you through the holidays!

Program Highlights:

  • Designed for Sedentary – Moderately Active Individuals
  • No Gym Access Required
  • Simple Workout Plan
  • Food Diary
  • Progress Photo Sheet
  • Accountability Emails

$10.95 $7.95 limited time offer

JanetteJaneroPromoImage3Let The Naked Formula Help You:

  • Set up a personalized exercise plan
  • Teach you how to prepare and pack your meals ahead of time
  • Add variety to your current fitness routine
  • Guide you on how to make the best meal choices and still enjoy the flavors you love
  • Teach you how to workout on your own
  • Keep you accountable and motivated
  • Train for a specific sport or fitness event
  • Workout at home


The Naked Formula offers luxury fitness and nutrition services in the privacy of your own home. We create an individualized program to help you meet your goals.  The Naked Formula offers nutrition services, personal training and health coaching.