Strip fitness and nutrition away from the gimmicks and fads and achieve the results you are looking for.

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What is The Naked Formula? 

SmartSimpleand Sexy! We provide fitness plans and nutritional coaching that meet the three pillars of The Naked Formula. We will provide you with in-home fitness training, personalized online coaching, or access to pre-designed plans.

Let The Naked Formula Help You:

  • Set up a personalized exercise plan
  • Teach you how to prepare and pack your meals ahead of time
  • Add variety to your current fitness routine
  • Guide you on how to make the best meal choices and still enjoy the flavors you love
  • Teach you how to workout on your own
  • Keep you accountable and motivated
  • Train for a specific sport or fitness event
  • Workout at home

Smart: Why would you follow a plan from just any online trainer when you can have access to a fitness professional with a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science? We read the latest research to make sure every piece of advice we provide has been backed by science.  Simple: We keep it simple to increase your chances of applying strategies to your life so you can create real change and see lasting results. Sexy: We make it sexy by helping you discover exercises and recipes that appeal to you so you can enjoy your journey towards a healthier you!

Meet Janette!

Janette Janero is the co-founder of The Naked Formula. She is a nationally certified personal fitness trainer and holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Science from Florida International University. She also has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University. She has been featured as a fitness expert on NBC6 and has been quoted on numerous articles as an expert in her field. Websites like eHow.com and AZCentral have turned to her to provide video tutorials for their sites. She has also lent her expertise and provided support and education for a variety of organizations including the American Heart Association and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). She has taken her own approach to fitness and nutrition to reshape her physique and qualify to compete as a Bikini Competitor at the the National Level.  Now you can bring her expertise into your home, inbox, or office.

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