Strip your lifestyle to make way for fitness! We all have essential life areas that must be in balance if we want to look and feel great.  If any of the dimensions of wellness are weak, then we are not able to function to the best of our abilities.

Naked Formula was developed to coach individuals on how to achieve a healthy weight, increase physical activity levels, and improve overall wellness by promoting balance in all essential life areas. You can count on us during our health coaching sessions to teach you how to strip your lifestyle. Our coaching goes beyond just improving your physical fitness levels; taking the steps to become healthy means you will improve other areas as well.

In the 1940s the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed the idea of health as being a multidimensional concept. The dimensions of wellness can be divided into the following seven essential life areas: financial, physical, emotional, environmental, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

On the other side of the world, health has also been viewed as multi-dimentional for hundreds of years. Yoga and acupuncture both use the practice of unblocking chakras to allow the body to heal. Chakras are believed to be zones within the body that circulate energy and correspond to the physical body. The seven main chakras are root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Just as with the dimensions of wellness, unbalance within the chakras is believed to also negatively affect our health.

Naked Formula seamlessly blends Western concepts of the dimensions of wellness and Eastern concepts of chakras. Each of the seven dimension of wellness can be paired with one of the seven chakras based on common themes they both share. Something striking happened when the dimensions of wellness were placed in order with the chakras. In this particular order, balance in one dimension of wellness lays the foundation for balance to be attained in the next area.


Based on this discovery, the Naked Formula’s founder developed a coaching plan to strip each of these areas of un-healthy habits in an effort to help her clients not just lose weight, but implement the lifestyle changes needed to achieve life-long health.

Click on the links below to learn more about each area and how they affect each other.

 Financial Wellness Root Chakra 

  • Strip Your Home
  • Strip Your Schedule
  • Strip Your Budget

Physical Wellness Sacral Chakra 

  • Strip Your Body
  • Strip Your Workouts
  • Strip Your Meals

Emotional Wellness Solar Plexus Chakra 

  • Strip Your Mood
  • Strip Your Self-image
  • Strip Your Style

Environmental Wellness Heart Chakra

  • Strip Your Environment

Social Wellness Throat Chakra 

  • Strip Your Relationships

Intellectual Wellness Third Eye Chakra  

  • Strip Your Limits

Spiritual Wellness Crown Chakra 

  • Strip Your Soul