Eco-Friendly Workout Tips

By Janette Janero

What better way to connect with the environment than to exercise outdoors! Try something new and explore all the ways to improve both your health and Mother Earth’s.  Here are some expert tips on how to stay in shape while enjoying the splendor of the natural world.

  • Volunteer for fitness. Many public beaches depend on volunteers for regular upkeep. Gardening, hiking, and walking on the beach while picking up litter are great ways to stay active and check “do a good deed” off the old to-do list. Check out the Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches ( to get involved.
  • Fresh air does a body good. Opt to run outdoors instead of on a treadmill. Go for an actual bike ride, not a stationary one. Check out outdoor boot camps or water aerobics classes. These choices not only save electricity, but improve your balance with the environment and your community.
  • Work it in the sand! Did you know that walking on the beach will increase your lower body strength? As the sand shifts beneath you as you take a step your ankles, arches, and calves are engaged and will become stronger.
  • Paddle away. Paddle boarding is another great way to exercise outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. Not only is paddle boarding low impact, it is also an effective total body workout. The act of balancing on the board while paddling strengthens muscles in the legs, glutes, back, core, shoulders and arms.  Experts can speed up to create an aerobic workout.

Connecting with the natural world is an essential link to achieving balance and complete wellness. Your ability to connect with and care for with the environment around you will allow you to find value in your place in society.