Your Dream Closet in Four Easy Steps

by Deirdre Brooks

Spring is here!  I love spring, but I don’t always love

the word that usually follows it this time of year: cleaning.  I do love a clean house though, and spring is the perfect time to clear out the excess junk that’s accumulated during the winter months, and organize those closets.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go to your closet, easily find what you need, and put together the perfect outfit for the day?  It can be done!  I can’t guarantee that you still won’t claim you have nothing to wear, but maybe if you can actually see all (most?) of your things you won’t say it as often!

1.  Clear out everything you’re not wearing.  For those that live in a cold climate, this means clearing out all the winter gear you won’t need during the spring and summer- heavy sweaters, wool pants and skirts, and coats.  Invest in a few boxes to store these items in, and if you’re going to be storing the boxes in your closet, look for storage boxes that are also pretty to look at- most craft stores sell storage boxes with different colors and patterns to choose from, which will keep your closet from becoming an eyesore. Even if you live in a warm climate, spring is still a good time to take stock of your clothing and accessories, and get rid of anything you’re not wearing.  That cardigan you bought when “greige” was so in, but completely washes you out?  Get rid of it.  In fact, any item that you haven’t worn in the last few months should be put in a pile to give away or donate.  You should be ruthless at this stage- the goal is to only have items remaining in your closet that you absolutely love and want to wear.  Finally, though it should probably go without saying, anything with a hole or stain should be permanently retired.  To the trash.

2.  Re-hang and organize.If you’d like to make your closet more visually appealing, this is a good time to swap out old mismatched hangers for a nicer fabric set.  One suggestion for organizing clothing is to hang it by style, and by color.  For instance, group together under layers such as camisoles and tank tops, arranging them by color.  Next to that grouping place together short sleeve shirts, followed by long sleeve shirts, dresses and outer layers such as cardigans, also arranging by color.  This is, of course, only a suggestion, so find what works best for you.

If you have shoes in your closet, arrange them by style as well: day shoes like flats or work heels should be easily accessible, with evening heels or rarely worn boots put to the back or side of the closet.

3.   Don’t forget to utilize wall areas! You may have to get creative here to maximize space, but it will be well worth it.  Belts and necklaces can hang from easily nailed in hooks (lots of places even sell decorative ones), and jeans and rarely worn items can be folded and placed on shelves.  If there’s room, install a cubby shoe holder by mounting it to the wall, and use it to store bags, folded up scarves, and sunglasses.  If you don’t have room for this in your closet, you might want to consider turning a corner of your room into an extra storage area.

4.   Make it pretty. Score bonus points if your closet can also double as a beautiful boutique space.  Hang a small chandelier light (Ikea has some great and affordable options!) or stencil/wallpaper a pretty pattern into your closet.  Although these simple changes will take some effort and creativity, they won’t cost you a lot of money, and getting dressed will definitely be more fun!

Now that you’re armed with a plan of attack, the only thing left to do is (pour a glass of wine and) get organizing!  Spring-cleaning won’t know what hit it.


Deirdre Brooks is a contributor for Naked Formula’s Home department.  You can visit her at her site Live Nest Love, where she blogs about home décor and inspirations, diy projects, and organic beauty.