Breaking Through Adversity

By Janette Janero

I love feeling the heat from the sun dry saltwater off my skin. Having sand caught in the tangled strands of my hair has never bothered me. I am instantly put in a good mood when the wind pushes the ocean air across my bare shoulders.

Whether it is by the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, I have never lived more than 20 miles from a beach. I have experienced so much beauty along this strip where the sea and the shore unite. The most beautiful fruit from this relationship though is a breaking wave.

The seemingly smooth water effortlessly rises up and folds on itself revealing layers of blues and greens that foam at the edges into the white waters that stretch out to meet my feet on the sand. I love the sight of this.

I have this natural phenomenon frozen in artwork that covers my living room. I am attracted to the image of a wave breaking not only because of its aesthetic appeal, but because of what that moment represents.

The energy behind that single wave is the result of smaller waves coming together. Across the sea, this collection of energy continues to travel growing more and more waiting for one moment. We have experiences in our lives that we question. Much like a wave’s energy, we continue to collect these lessons and grow from them continuing along across our personal journey until we reach adversity.

The energy continues to travel along the water until something dramatic occurs. This energy meets resistance. The ocean floor is now becoming the shore. The more drastic the transition, the more magnificent the wave.

We have valuable moments in our lives where we meet adversity. We have change thrust upon us and we can choose to let it overtake us, or we can choose to work with that resistance and create something magnificent. We can choose to find the meaning behind the myriad of lessons from past experiences we once questioned. We can choose to refine our talents through trials.

Appreciate these trials for what they can lead to. Greet adversity with the collection of lessons that have made you who you are. Just as a breaking wave does, treat that moment as an opportunity to rise above and express the beauty and power stored within you.