Six Easy and Workplace-Friendly Calorie-Blasting Moves

By Janette Janero

Can’t make it to the gym after work? No big deal! While it’s been said that even just fidgeting at the office can burn extra calories.  Here are some simple moves anyone can use to fit in some extra fitness during the daily nine to five grind.

  • Be printer-savvy: “Set your computer to automatically print documents from the printer that is farthest away from your desk,” says Janette. “All those trips back and forth throughout the day can add up to major calories burned.”•   Turn up the tunes! “Listen to music – it will pump you up and get those feet moving. A little foot tapping for a few hours means sculpted calves and better blood flow to your legs. Say bye-bye to cellulite!”

    •   Like your momma told you – sit up straight, ladies. “When sitting properly, deep abdominal muscles become engaged. This will help to not only burn calories, but establish a solid core at the same time.”

  • Stretch at your desk. “There are a number of small movement stretches you can do while sitting. Let out the tension in the neck by slowly rolling your head. Slowly flex and roll your ankles while sitting. Shrug your shoulders up and down to loosen them up. Do these stretches once in the morning and once in the afternoon.”


  • Give the email a rest. Go visit your colleague to pass a message along. Switch out three to five emails a day for actual visits and burn some energy that you otherwise wouldn’t. Just don’t stop at the vending machine on the way.”•   Sit on it! For those fitness fanatics who want to take it to the next level, “put an inflatable stabilizer disk on the seat of your chair,” says Janette. “All day long your abs will be working hard to maintain balance.”
    There you have it – extra calories burned the easy way!