12 FREE Workouts

Your doctor has recommended time and time again to start exercising, but you don’t know where to begin. You can’t risk getting injured. You need a program that will get you moving at a realistic pace. The Naked Formula has provided you with a solution!

Janette Janero has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and has been working as a personal trainer for 12 years. She created these workout videos as a way to provide everyBODY with a safe way to introduce movement into their routine. These free workouts are her way of ensuring her family, friends, and community have access to what they need to safely exercise right in their own home.

Janette started this series shortly after delivering her 3rd child. These workouts are perfect for anyone who has not worked out in a while, delivered a baby, or coming out of a rehabilitation program and is looking to safely increase their workout intensity.

There is no jumping and no loud music in these videos. Just short workouts to get you into the healthy habit of working through a variety of movement patters.

Add this page right to your home screen and commit to completing 3 – 5 workouts per week. Let’s get started right now!