Baby Clothes Must Haves (and nothing more) for Your Gift Registry

Baby Clothing Basics

by Janette Janero

There was a lot I had on my mind during my first pregnancy. I wondered what the labor and delivery would feel like, I tried to picture how I would manage childcare and going back to work, and I worried about having enough clothes in the right size for my baby.

I’m sure you have more topics running through your mind, but I am here in this blog to help you at the very least with that last worry I mentioned.

I personally did not want to over do it when it came to buying or registering for baby clothes. I knew it would be something else to have to juggle. I wanted to know what the basics are and know where to easily find them.

Now that I am expecting baby #3, I can confidently share with you my tried and true list of baby clothes must haves. This minimalist wardrobe will keep your baby safe and warm. The Naked Formula helps you strip your lifestyle including parenthood. We can’t promise it will be easy, but we can help it be simpler!

Click on the photos or brand names to purchase or to add to your gift registry. Some of these items may include affiliate links. I also highly recommend finding these items second hand. You can attend a local Just Between Friends sale or search for them on apps like Mercari and Poshmark.

7 Newborn Caps

“Quite possibly their first fashion statement”

What brand do you recommend? KiddyCare Organic Cotton (shown in photo), Owlivia Baby Organic , JANGANNSA Organic Girls Beanies, Grow by Gerber Organic Boy Caps

How will I use these? They will wear these during those early days to keep their heads warm so they feel comfortable and safe.


10 Newborn Footed Pants

 “No one should have to deal with lost miniature socks”

What brand do you recommend? Teach Leanbh (shown in photo) and Maple Clothing Organic

How will I use these? These pants are perfect to pair with kimono tops during the newborn stage to keep clothing away from the umbilical stump. They will be used for the first few weeks while the umbilical stump is attached and shortly after it falls of while the area completely heals and dries. With these pants, you don’t need to deal with socks which will constantly fall off a newborn feet and get lost. Footed pants and pj’s are must to simplify life with a baby. The pants from Maple Clothing Organic are GOTS certified organic, but run large so you will need to roll down the waistbands.


10 Newborn Kimono Tops

“Having to pull a onesie over a newborns head will not be comfortable for either of you.”

What brands do you recommend? Carter’s (shown in photo) and Moon and Back Organic by Hanna Anderson

How will I use these? As mentioned above, these tops are to be paired with footed pants during those early days to allow the umbilical stump to heal without having close press up against it.

This style kimono top is wonderful because you will not have to purchase newborn hand mittens which I do not like because they easily fall off and get lost. These sleeves can be folded over the newborns hands to keep them from scratching their face. Please note that it is recommended that a baby’s hands be free while they are nursing because their hands having contact with the breast both gives the baby comfort and encourages the let-down reflex of the breast.

Keep an eye out of outfit sets like this that have kimono tops, footed pants, and caps. You might want to add some cute variety for these early days when you will be taking dozens of photos a day of your newborn. Yes….dozens.



“Technically not clothes. They are wearing it over their pj’s though so it’s going on the list”

How many will I need? 1 or 2 packages.  Do not buy more than this incase your baby does not like to be swaddled past those first early days.

What brand do you recommend?
SwaddleMe Original Organic (shown in photo), SwaddleMe Preemie Size, SwaddleMe Easy Change ,Happiest Baby Organic ,

How will I use these? My babies slept so comfortably using these for the first 8 or so weeks of their lives. I started using a swaddling blanket for my first, but switched to these because they were easier to wrap him in, and I felt safer knowing it would not unravel in the middle on the night. Please note that these should not be used once the baby is able to roll over. Also note that these should never be used if bed sharing. Nursing mothers should also un swaddle babies during feedings as their hands should be freed to make contact with the mother while nursing.


Footed Zipper Front Pajamas/Rompers

“Footed zipper pj’s are must to simplify life with a baby. Did I mention you will not want to deal with snaps at 3am?”

How many will I need? What brand do you recommend?

12 Size 0-3 Months
Moon and Back Organic by Hanna Anderson (shown in photo),Owlivia Baby Organic , Posh Peanut Girls, Posh Peanut Boys

12 Size 3-6 Months
Moon and Back Organic by Hanna Anderson ,
Owlivia Baby Organic , Posh Peanut Girls, Posh Peanut Boys

12 Size 6-9 Months (with grip fabric on the soles)
Burt’s Bees Baby Organic, Posh Peanut Girls, Posh Peanut Boys

12 Size 9-12 Months (with grip fabric on the soles)

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic, Posh Peanut Girls, Posh Peanut Boys

How will I use these? This will function as your baby’s go-to outfit for sleep and play.  I happily throw on some accessories like a cute cap, bow, or bandana bib and call it an outfit for errands in these rompers too. Covered from head-to-two with one simple garment.  I like to look for ones with grip fabric on the soles once they start wearing sizes 6-9 months and above. They may start pulling themselves up around the house within this time, and I feel better knowing they have grips so they will not slip.

Two Piece Pajamas

“Big kid pajamas!”

How many will I need? What brand do you recommend?

12 Size 12 Months

Moon and Back Organic by Hanna Andersson (shown in photo),Burt’s Bees Baby Organic, Lamaze Organic, Owlivia Organic

How will I use these? I like their feet to be free by the time they reach 12 months. They need to feel the floor as they might start walking or exploring by standing or cruising throughout the house. Also at this age, I no longer take them out in rompers for outing. Therefore, there is no need for footed rompers since they I will have them in shoes and socks along with a regular outfit.

Bandana Bibs

“So. Much. Drool.”

How many do I need? 10

What brand do you recommend?

KiddyCare Organic (shown in photo), KeaBabies Organic Baby Girl Bibs, KeaBabies Organic Boy and Girl Bibs

How will I use these? The front neckline of their clothes will always soaked at about 4 or 5 months unless they are wearing something like this. You can use regular bibs, but I prefer the aesthetics of these instead. Since they will be needing to wear them all the time during their drooling phase, might as well wear these instead of a plain bib.

Socks that Look Like Shoes

” These socks not only get the job done, but they do it while looking pretty darn adorable”

How many do I need? 1 package (or two if you want both casual and dressy styles)

What brand do you recommend? 

Trumpette Baby Girl Casual(shown in photo),Trumpette Baby Girl Dressy ,Trumpette Baby Boy Casual,
Trumpette Baby Boy Dressy

How will I use these? You will undoubtedly receive adorable tiny outfits or come across some yourself and purchase them throwing practicality to the wind. There is nothing wrong with that! These socks that look like shoes though will simplify your life though by provide you with an adorable way to cover their feet when you dress them up. A baby has no need for shoes, but you also don’t want to just put on a pair of socks if you took the time to dress them up. These socks that looks like shoes are the perfect solution for both form and function.

Closing Thoughts

Of course feel free to purchase or register for any baby clothing items like jeans, puffy dresses, hats, bows or anything else a baby doesn’t “need” but that still looks freaken’ adorable. I personally do not add these type of clothing items to my registry because you will receive them as gifts regardless. I keep my baby clothing registry simple to ensure I receive the basics. I will come across plenty of cute outfit for special outings so I do not worry about stocking my baby’s wardrobe with too many of these items ahead of time.

Also consider your climate and time of year your baby will be born in. You may need specific cold weather wear like this to put over your child’s clothing. Please note to always remove bulky outerwear before placing your child in a carseat.

Did you notice I have not placed one onesie on the list? Its not that I do not like them, but I do not find them necessary since I keep them in rompers. The pants I do have them wear are paired with kimono tops and not onesies. You may find or receive plenty of outfit sets that include onesies, so again it is not something you should feel the need to register for if using the system described above to outfit your kids.