Strip Your Lifestyle

Every area of your life is overwhelmed and over-stimulated. From your home to your mind, clutter is standing in the way of a healthier life for you and your family. You know you want to make healthier choices, but you don’t know where to begin.

The Naked Formula’s Strip Your Lifestyle course will show you where to take your first step and stays with you through your entire journey. We guide you through each of the seven dimensions of wellness following the Naked Formula. Here is a quick overview of the Naked Formula outline. Starting with financial wellness, you will strip one area at a time which lays the foundation for you to strip the next area.

Look through our outline and let it inspire you to address these ares of your life. Contact us today and we will teach you how to apply the Naked Formula to your life.

Financial Wellness

Strip Your Budget

Strip Your Home

Strip Your Schedule

Physical Wellness

Strip Your Workouts

Strip Your Meals

Strip Your Recovery

Strip Your Medical Care

Emotional Wellness

Strip Your Style

Strip Your Self-Esteem

Strip your Happiness

Environmental Wellness

Strip Your Internal Toxins

Strip your External Toxins

Strip Your Footprint

Social Wellness

Strip Your Relationships

Strip Your Communication

Strip Your Roles

Intellectual Wellness

Strip Your Talents

Strip Your Limits

Spiritual Wellness

Strip Your Integrity

Strip Your Growth