Why up should “Strip Your Home”.

As a personal trainer, I have seen how an individual’s wellness is affected by factors outside that of just exercise and nutrition. The Naked Formula looks at every dimension of wellness and makes suggestions to strip each area for the purpose of following a simpler and healthier lifestyle.

The items you bring into your home will affect your financial wellness, physical, wellness, emotional, wellness, environmental wellness, and even your spiritual wellness.

Here is a list of sustainable kitchen essentials

If you do not invest in quality items, you will find yourself having to make the same purchase multiple times through the years which will end up costing you more than you would have spent if you would have invested in a high quality item from the beginning. You may also save money when taking sustainability also into account when making purchases and making the choice to purchase well manufactured second-hand items. Not only will you save money purchasing second had, but you will both make the most out of items already manufactured and you will see how well the item has performed and stood up to use over time.

Your physical wellness will benefit by applying the Naked Formula when choosing which home goods to purchase. When factoring qualities such as eco-friendly, non-toxic, and organic when purchasing items, you will not only be doing what is healthy for the environment, but what is healthy for your body as well.

Taking environmental wellness into account while making home good purchases, will not only keep harmful chemicals out of your home and away from your body, but will also reduce pollution by promoting the use of bio degradable materials and steering away from the use of plastics including the plastics found in fabrics used around the home.

A materialistic individual may acquire possession with little to no interest in ethical, moral, or spiritual matters. This unbalanced focus on material wealth will harm the individuals spiritual and emotional wellness. Ignoring ethical and moral matters when making purchases ignore your spiritual dimension of wellness. Seeking happiness and fulfillment through material items has been scientifically proven  not to change the individuals state of happiness through a process called the Hedonistic treadmill. This is not to say that one should never spend money on expensive items or that it is immoral to curate a home surrounded by material possessions that you enjoy. Simply put, factoring the quality and ethics when making purchases will naturally lead to better financial, physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual wellness.

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